Tours & Onboarding

UserIQ guided tours and custom onboarding experiences can be personalized for each user segment. In addition, it’s all drag and drop. No developer needed.

UserIQ feature tip

Feature Tips

Is an account not adopting your new feature? Send a custom tip! With UserIQ, you’ll know the problem and exactly how to prevent it from becoming a bigger one.

UserIQ integrations

Platform Integrations

UserIQ integrates with platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Slack. Best of all: You won’t need an engineering degree to achieve seamless customer success zen.

Your Own User Hotline

Used to be, just an email would do the trick. Well, not any more.

With UserIQ in-app engagement, you can create segments, receive red flag alerts and simply delight users by communicating with them when they’re most apt to engage. You’ll drive customer behavior, be able to spend more time with users and finally stop playing whack-a-mole with your accounts.

Offer Tours

Hear Them Roar (and Rave)

A Voice of the Customer program should be more than just an NPS.

With UserIQ, their voices will be heard — via micro-feedback and surveys. And you’ll know exactly what to do with these opinions when they’re combined with health scoring data and product intelligence. Subjective sentiment + objective health scores = beautiful science.

Gather Sentiment
UserIQ surveys


Passive, promoter or detractor? The NPS and other surveys serve as a reference for gauging user sentiment. Their outcomes are integrated into the entire UserIQ experience.

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UserIQ feedback

Micro Feedback

Don’t let the name fool you. You’ll get gargantuan-sized insights from UserIQ micro feedback, which can be tailored around onboarding — or anything you want.

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Product roadmaps

Onboarding Tours

High-tech or high-touch? With UserIQ, you can intervene when necessary and let your users tour your product on their time. You can also send targeted in-app messages.

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