Create a Meaningful Dialog with Customers

Don’t just talk at your users. Engage them in conversation. UserIQ empowers you to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

Guided Tours

Reduce time-to-value and help ensure customer success with guided product tours, available any time.

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Custom Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding experience—no developers necessary—with personalized experiences for each user segment.

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Ready When Users Are

All guided tours can be opened on-demand, at any time, with the UserIQ Launcher. Combine tours and callouts into a full onboarding program.

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Managing Change for Cox Automotive Employees and Clients

With UserIQ, Cox Automotive is able to deploy targeted engagements, including guided tours and tooltips for employee training and client onboarding. The result: change becomes easier to manage for everybody.

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“Having the option to provide both contextual help through UserIQ and static content through traditional channels ensures we have a variety of ways to get useful information in front of the user.”

Chuck K.
Director of User Experience (UX)

Voice of the Customer

Let customers know that their voice is being heard and better understand how to constantly improve your product.

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NPS Surveys

This industry standard serves as a simple reference point for gauging user sentiment. Quickly measure, understand, and identify next steps.

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Customer Feedback

Create quick, real-time micro-feedback campaigns for rating specific product features so you can know where users stand and iterate quickly.

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User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Deliver the right message at the
right time with UserIQ.