The UserIQ Customer Health Score

Keep track of every customer — struggling or thriving. With UserIQ customer health scoring, your team will have the facts on top of sentiment to take quick, proactive action. Science is beautiful, friends. 

Instinct Will Only Take You So Far

Instinct’s great and all. But it won’t tell you why Suzy stopped using your new search tool three months ago or that your NPS score rose 13 points with Canadian customers who embraced said search tool. That’s where UserIQ — and customizable health scores — come in. With feelings and facts, your Customer Success team may very well be unstoppable. 


Customer health scores from UserIQ help you understand everything better. Track key variables such as in-app activity or tech support requests. Easily compare current health scores with previous trends. Get truth, with context. Can you handle the truth? We’re betting on it. 


With customer health scoring from UserIQ, you can set specific data points with customizable thresholds. When you have objective metrics that suit your business, you can monitor how customers are fairing and take direct action. Slice, dice, julienne. It’s up to you.


Identify groups needing attention through user segmentation. Refine to the smallest detail. With UserIQ filters, you’ll engage customers at scale through campaigns and discover key business trends. They don’t call it “customer success” for nothing.


The quicker you understand which accounts are underperforming and why, the quicker you can act. With customer health data from UserIQ, you’ll have access to an intuitive dashboard and in-app engagement capabilities to reach at-risk users quickly. 

UserIQ helped us get our user onboarding guides in place and calculate health scores so we know which accounts are at risk.

Tom ZeliffDirector of Customer Success, ExakTime

What’s YOUR User IQ?

See how customer health scoring from UserIQ will make your Customer Success team faster and smarter.