Align Your Business on Customer Success

UserIQ’s robust platform equips customer success teams with intelligence, health, engagements, and strategies that can be shared across your organization. Center your business around your users’ needs and realize the full value of customer success.

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How UserIQ Delivers Success

Better Alignment

Provide the right responses to wide-ranging needs. Form a concise snapshot of users and build lasting relationships.

Deeper Perspective

See and understand your user’s hurdles. Guide your teams to create winning user experiences and demonstrate real value.

Clearer Answers

Engage your users in meaningful dialogue. Help them realize and measure success and you’ll ensure your own.


Get the data you need to make proactive decisions.

Gather deep customer and product insights based on user behaviors, demographics, and external data sources. Make interactions more positive, meaningful, and relevant across both web and mobile platforms.

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customer retention rate for organizations leveraging UserIQ
increase in feature usage for Reveal Mobile
increase in customer feedback for BIM One

Uncover potential problems and take steps toward success.

Unlimited segmentation and Journey Paths help you understand how each user or segment moves through your product. In context with customer health scores, understand what makes customers successful and see where they hit roadblocks—then take action.

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Deliver the right message to each user at the right time.

Simplify onboarding, drive user adoption, and reach users more effectively with guided tours, surveys, and a broad suite of in-app messaging features. Guide users to success and help them realize value quickly.

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“UserIQ is a flexible and powerful platform for customer health scoring, NPS collection, in-product onboarding, educational marketing, and usage insights - all in one. Since adopting, we've gained confidence in assessing the health of our customers, saved countless hours in reporting, and freed the process of building effective onboarding from the development team.”

Josh H.Customer Success Team Lead, TechSmith

Take UserIQ Further with
Powerful Integrations

Easily incorporate data from the products and services you rely on every day. We offer easy-to-use integrations for Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more so you have a source of truth and a complete view of your customers.

Take Your Customer Success
Initiatives to the Next Level

UserIQ’s expert IQ Team offers add-on services for customers to help you speed up project timelines through professional services like template creation, deep dive training, advance application setup and more.

User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

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