Hey, Customer Success Genius!

Health + Intelligence + Campaigns. The UserIQ customer success platform combines health insights, user analytics and communications abilities in one beautiful package. Love helping customers succeed? You’ll look smart and have fun doing it.


Faster Time To Value

So elegant and intuitive, your entire team will see ROI quicker.

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Predict user behavior

Easier Predictions

When you can drill down or see a holistic view, you’ll solve problems before they arise.

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Built For Adoption

Now, Customer Success teams can know their users better and influence feature use.

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Insight: Your New Superpower

Pulse. Sentiment. Adoption. Usage. Visualize how health is trending in any filter. Understand the impact of your outreach. Know users inside and out. You’ll love the re-imagined customer health dashboard from UserIQ. It’s, well, super.

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Health dashboard

Guesswork = Messwork

Feature usage. Segments. Adoption trends. With UserIQ, you’ll just “get” your customers. And, you’ll be equipped with clear next steps. If you ever wanted to remove “guessing” from your plan, there’s no time like the present.

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The Wingman You Always Wanted

Simplify onboarding. Drive feature adoption. Reach users with VoC surveys and in-app messaging. We’ll handle the tech … so you can spend time with the customers. In the war on churn, UserIQ is your closest ally.

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UserIQ tips

UserIQ in Motion


Higher feature adoption for Intellum after deploying UserIQ tooltips.

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Jump in Reveal Mobile feature usage with UserIQ in-app campaigns.

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Increase in NPS responses for BIM One with UserIQ engagement tools.

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