The UserIQ Platform Transforms Your Approach to User Adoption

Analyze User Activity
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Learn from Your Users – Track most active users – Segment data by user details – Survey for feedback
Compare Feature Usage & Adoption – Track user behavior and activity – Correlate & predict feature adoption – Identify high ROI features
Guide Users to Value
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Custom Onboarding Tours – Create guided tours with ease – Segment guides per user role or lifecycle stage
Anticipate Onboarding Needs – Make onboarding high-tech and high-touch – Use usage data to anticipate guidance gaps – Make it easy to access any time
Engage & Evaluate
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Emphasize and Upsell – Unlimited in-app and email announcements – Customizable to match brand styling – Easy tooltip creation
Evaluate User Sentiment – Custom & NPS surveys – Feature-specific feedback data
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Help Users When and Where They Need It Most

The UserIQ platform lets you engage users when and where they need it most to create a stickier experience for everyone, every time. Whether you’re offering step-by-step guides or pointing out must-see features, we’ll make the process easy, in-depth and scalable.

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Create in-app, persona-segmented onboarding tutorials without draining your developer resources.

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Unlock new revenue growth opportunities and higher customer retention rates with strong user adoption.

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Announce new features, add tooltips and gather feedback in-app with our built-in user engagement features.

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Collect and analyze critical voice of the customer feedback throughout every moment of the customer journey.

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Learn How UserIQ Integrates with Other Key Platforms

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Features We Think You’ll Love

User Analytics Icon

Get data-driven customer health scores to identify power users and advocates, feature usage & correlation reports to predict adoption patterns, and limitless data segmentation abilities for creating targeted customer success strategies.

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Customer Success User Onboarding

Get easy-to-create guided tours that can be segmented by user, an onboarding tutorial launcher for self-guided learning at any time as well as tooltips and feature announcements.

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User Engagement Icon

Get in-app announcements and guides to make targeted & scalable messaging feel personal, NPS and custom surveys for voice of the customer feedback, and faster issue resolution with targeted help.

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UserIQ has given us tremendous insight into how our users interact with the platform. The ability to segment users by feature adoption has allowed us to create targeted campaigns via multiple channels to educate and support our users. In addition, the ability for us to know how engaged each user is with our platform allows us to be proactive in our user education.
Ray B.
General Manager, CollegePlannerPro
Before UserIQ we had zero visibility into what our clients were using from a product usage perspective and didn’t know what they liked most and what they didn’t. Now with UserIQ, we can see what customers are actually using so we can make better product roadmap decisions.
Adam C.
Director of Customer Success, Kenect
UserIQ is a flexible and powerful platform for customer health scoring, NPS collection, in-product onboarding, educational marketing, and usage insights - all in one. Since adopting, we've gained confidence in assessing the health of our customers, saved countless hours in reporting, and freed the process of building effective onboarding from the development team.
Josh H.
Customer Growth Specialist, TechSmith Relay
User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

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