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The decisions you make about how to engage with your customers can only be as useful as the data you have available. One informs the other so you can hit the “right user, right message, right time” trifecta.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have entered a technology partnership with Gainsight. If you’re using Gainsight, you already have a solid start in visualizing customer health, but what can you do with that customer health data? With UserIQ, you can collect real-time user intelligence and trigger meaningful engagements that support customers in different health scores and at each stage of the customer journey.

With UserIQ + Gainsight, you’ll be able to:

  • Collect user-specific data like activity level, in-product behavior, segment criteria, feature usage and adoption, and more for detail into each user’s needs
  • Segment users based on the data collected so you can deliver the right message to the right user at the right time and make your CTAs more meaningful
  • Send relevant in-app engagements to each user or segment of users based on intelligence collected by UserIQ

UserIQ supports your Gainsight data with in-depth user-level intelligence because we know how important it is to understand your users, not just your accounts. After all, every account is made up of individual users and every user should be able to find success with your product.

Here are 11 smart ways you can use UserIQ and Gainsight together to maximize your customer success efforts.

  1. Onboard new users with unique guided tours, tooltips, and announcements based on customer data from Gainsight.
  2. Define events visually inside your application with no custom dev work required. New events will flow automatically into Gainsight for use in Bionic Rules.
  3. Automate in-application NPS surveys as individual users progress through customer journey stages to determine advocacy and expansion potential.
  4. Automatically send segment membership data to Gainsight in order to report on specific user sets like Power Users, Integration Users, Product Version, Pricing Tier, and endless other segments.
  5. Determine referencability by feature so you can compare each user’s sentiment apples to apples.
  6. Deliver expansion-related engagements to customers and set up alerts for sales and customer success when users hit milestones that demonstrate expansion readiness.
  7. Reconcile customer licenses and/or seat needs with UserIQ’s ability to report on active users per account and trigger targeted messaging to recommend expansion.
  8. Share insights with product management teams to show how user attributes like persona or in-product behaviors correlate to metrics like churn, referencability, CAC, and more.
  9. See how recent customer engagements (like QBRs) or milestone events (like onboarding completion) affect sentiment.
  10. Trigger onboarding or training modules for new sponsors to combat against unnecessary churn due to champion change.
  11. Never miss an opportunity to earn referral business from an advocate with custom surveys that gather referral data after a positive NPS score.

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