New campaign tags and engagement features in UserIQ

UserIQ’s 3.4 release adds many new features and enhancements like campaign tags, audience filters for Tooltips and Launchers, and more! Here’s a breakdown of some of the most important things to know:

  • The user detail chart in your dashboard now supports toggling between user activity and session counts. This allows you to view aggregate login data as well as unique login data for a more complete view of this metric. We’ve also changed the name of “Logins” throughout the application to “Sessions” to reflect this change.
  • New custom datepickers are available for sessions and feature adoption by clicking the calendar icons next to each section in your dashboard.
  • New ability to define custom audiences for Tooltips campaigns so you can target specific users or segments with callouts on the features that may be most relevant to them.
  • New ability to create multiple Launchers and define custom audience filters for each Launcher.
    With the ability to design multiple Launchers and target each Launcher to a specific user segment, Launchers become more relevant than ever. For example, display onboarding Launchers only to new customers, show trial users a trial-specific Launcher, guide power users through more advanced features, and more!
    Select which Launcher you want to assign to your engagements directly from the dropdown option on the Add to Launcher button in the View Campaigns page.

  • You can now look back at the total number of logins for all users for up to one year.
    A new graph on your health dashboard now shows sitewide session counts at the account level.
  • New ability to tag campaigns with labels and filter your campaign list by tags offers more intuitive organization structure.
  • Enhancements to campaign throttling and ordering to include new global override option.
    Ensure your customers aren’t overwhelmed with multiple engagements by throttling the frequency at which they can receive them and setting a strategic order. In addition, a new global override option allows you to exclude urgent messages, like maintenance messages or account alerts, from being throttled.

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