Success in Every Moment. Across Every Device.

Enhance your customer experience with the complete user adoption platform that works across all screens and devices, providing a uniquely unified view of each user’s journey.


Optimize Mobile Onboarding

Your users are never more engaged than when they’re in your product. Easily create, deliver and analyze in-app campaigns designed to simplify user onboarding all without the need for a developer.

Customer Success User Onboarding

Improve the end-to-end user experience and onboarding regardless of device with targeted, contextual in-app help and guidance.

Proactively engage users, promote new features, and gather user feedback with surveys, tooltips and guided tours on both web and mobile.

NPS Surveys Customer Success

Easily understand feature usage and onboarding effectiveness across multiple devices to make rapid, data-driven decisions.

Thanks to UserIQ, Manheim has been able to fully onboard hundreds of users, both internal and external, to our newest and most powerful features. In addition, by utilizing UserIQ’s in-app guided tours and analytics, we know that the numbers of customers who user these features is also increasing.

CHUCK KONFRSTSenior Developer, Product Design & UX at Manheim

Our customers are change averse and we wanted to provide a solution that would help them understand what was changing with our platform and the benefits of what we were doing. UserIQ developed a creative solution to solve this problem and we'll be using their guided tour on our site. We expect a fairly easy transition thanks to the UserIQ team being creative and responsive to our needs.

Greg HearnSr. Product Manager, Manheim

UserIQ is a flexible and powerful platform for customer health scoring, NPS collection, in-product onboarding, educational marketing, and usage insights - all in one. Since adopting, we've gained confidence in assessing the health of our customers, saved countless hours in reporting, and freed the process of building effective onboarding from the development team.

Josh HolnagelCustomer Growth Specialist, TechSmith Relay

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