January 2017 Customer Growth Meetup: A Recap

By January 20, 2017Blog

The UserIQ team kicked off the year in a big way by hosting our second Customer Growth Meetup at Sandbox ATL all about 2017 Goal Setting for Customer Success. We heard from an expert panel that included Maria Braune from LiveClicker, Matt Robison from Rev.io, Sydney Smith from Terminus, and our very own Customer Success Director, Cindy Carson.

As customer success teams scale, they are presented with a unique set of problems. They’re pressured to quickly implement proactive measures that align with marketing, sales, and product and set attainable goals as well as have defined structures, goals, and metrics nailed down. Our expert panelists discussed these issues and more. To recap, here are a few key points discussed during the meetup:

Best Fit Customers:

Sydney Smith Hone in on best fit accounts and set them up for success from day one. Sydney and her team align customer success with sales so that the sales team knows the types of issues and challenges CS faces and can help weed out bad fits before they become customers.


Maria Braune – Treat onboarding more like a strategy session. Pick one specific detail or campaign and breaks it down to analyze, strategize and assign roles. Maria focuses on connecting on a personal level to create that ‘magic moment’ for big clients. Her goal is to create meaningful insights by doing something really unique and organic to drive advocacy (the ultimate goal for customer success) from day one.


Matt Robison – The implementation process at Rev.io includes a lot of personalized interactions with the CSM. Highly trained UI experts take each data set from the customer lifecycle and turn it into actionable insights within the first 90 days. The process typically takes 6 months of daily/weekly calls to shepherd each customer along until they can be successful. Matt’s team completes diagnostic tests each month to find out if customers are falling into similar patterns so he can take proactive measures toward correction.

“Time to value”

Cindy Carson – Make a successful first impression by providing value early on and ensuring your customers are successful with your product from the beginning. By delivering value from the start early on, you can more easily maintain the momentum you’ve built since the point of purchase and increase the likelihood of successful adoption. That adoption phase is critical to how you set your customers up for success throughout the customer journey.


Sydney Smith – Create advocacy by ‘working for your customers’. Put them on a pedestal and showcase their successes. By becoming an advocate for your customers, they will not only share their wins but voice their successes with your organization through reviews, quotes and case studies. Doing case studies not only helps your company, but it gets your customer’s brand out there as well, so it’s a win for everyone.

Matt Robison’s 3 Tips for Driving Advocacy:

  1. Be good communicators. Find out how to share your most important information to your customers in a way they respond to and stick to that throughout your relationship with them.
  2. Arm your customer success team with the tools they need to be successful. Make sure customer success has tools that help them be better, proactive communicators and give them the data science so they can communicate in a meaningful way.
  3. Ask CS teams to learn more about their customer’s goals and concerns.
    Customer success has to be the voice of the customer, so it’s important that they understand each customer’s goals, challenges, and needs so they can communicate that throughout the organization. That knowledge should drive every interaction with the customer and lead to better relationships that drive advocacy.

Continued Communication:

Sydney Smith – Proactive outreach is key.

Proactive outreach means communicating with customers with useful information before a problem arises. It requires figuring out what’s important to the customer for their specific goals. Sydney asks the question: “Are we adding value with our proactive outreach?” She keeps it fresh by never “just checking in” with customers but delivering data on each campaign or important insights.

 Matt Robison – Send out a monthly scorecard in a newsletter.

  • Stay honest about customer health and metrics and begin a dialogue with the customer. Make sure you share with them the good things, the wins you’ve accomplished together, as well as places where you didn’t do as well. That helps build trust and keeps the lines of communication free and clear.

 We picked up some really great insight from these four panelists and we hope you did too. To stay up to date on upcoming meetups and all things customer growth, join the Customer Growth Community on LinkedIn. Also be sure to check out the photo album on Facebook for some highlights of the night. 

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