Introducing the UserIQ + HubSpot Integration

By January 14, 2020Blog, Product Updates

The UserIQ team is thrilled to announce our new integration with HubSpot. Building off of UserIQ’s strong set of current integration partners, our new collaboration with HubSpot brings added value and increased functionality to the UserIQ customer base.

The combination of these two leading, customer-centric applications—UserIQ’s powerful customer success platform together with HubSpot’s robust CRM platform—helps companies to align around their users’ needs. By leveraging HubSpot’s pre-sales and customer information along with UserIQ’s in-app behavior and product usage data, companies have the ability to better understand their users, track key activity and engagement, build refined user segments, and improve targeted customer communications.

First off, who is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a leading SaaS company that offers a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software—in addition to methodology, resources, and support. With these products and services, HubSpot gives thousands of customers around the world the tools they need to grow better.

Cool! So, what does that mean for me, a UserIQ + HubSpot customer?

The short answer is that you can now share your key customer data across the two platforms for a holistic view. No longer will you have company and contact records in HubSpot that cannot sync with your account and user info in UserIQ. Instead of staying siloed in their respective platforms, this UserIQ + HubSpot integration allows HubSpot data to be imported into UserIQ, so you can leverage the additional account and user information for a variety of tasks.

Here are some examples of how UserIQ customers are leveraging their HubSpot integration:

  • Designing more powerful segments to generate insights that inform customer success strategy
  • Combining customer information from HubSpot with UserIQ’s in-app usage data to boost product intelligence and improve the user experience
  • Improving user reporting capabilities to help spot key trends and stay ahead of customer needs
  • Building more robust customer health scores to keep a pulse on how customers are doing 
  • Further informing Journey Paths to provide insight into how customers navigate and utilize their platform
  • Incorporating HubSpot data into event notifications that ping customer success team members whenever customers reach a milestone or a road bump 

What’s the bottom line?

Your customer data is too important to be siloed in a single SaaS application. With UserIQ + HubSpot working together, you can leverage the customer data that’s housed in your HubSpot application (including company size, user location, contract renewal date, user title, customer persona …the list goes on and on!) to improve your customer success initiatives. HubSpot shares our fanatical focus on customers, so let this integration help you to deepen your understanding of user needs, refine customer communications strategies, and improve your users’ experience with your platform.

You’ll thank us later, we promise! 

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