Introducing UserIQ 4.0: Deeper detail, richer experiences, and better data!

By February 5, 2018Product Updates

Big news! The UserIQ homepage has changed and we have several exciting new features in our greatest release to date!

This release focuses on expanding our user intelligence capabilities to give our users a deeper, more granular look at their customer and product data and its impact on the customer journey. New views expose data points and reports that are often buried in the massive amounts of customer data collected each day within your product. These improved analytics and reporting capabilities offer a smoother, more valuable experience and clear, actionable data.

What’s new?

New home page

UserIQ’s home page has changed to provide at-a-glance data of your entire customer base, including activity and usage patterns and engagement detail. (Don’t worry, customer health data is still nearby in the top navigation.) With this new dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly answer questions like:

  • What are my top 10 most used features?
  • Which users/accounts are most active?
  • Can I see all users/accounts ranked from most active to least active?
  • How many users/accounts do I have right now?
  • What is the trend in user or account growth?
  • How often do my users login? Are there certain days that have been more busy than others?
  • How does site-wide usage compare between my top named features?
  • What is the trend in activity for the last month?
  • What is the breakdown of responses on the last 3 NPS surveys to run?
  • What are the usage trends for specific features? Can I compare 2 specific features?
  • What is the engagement/click through rate for my recent campaigns?

UserIQ Dashboard

Brand new Segment Detail page

This new segment detail offers a high-level view of each of your segments’ activity, usage, and engagement with campaigns with the ability to drill down into each module for even more detail. In the new Segment Detail page, you can:

  • Compare segments to discover the user flows that lead to success, then help guide more users to that outcome
  • Discover the average session frequency of users in that segment
  • Get actionable data about the performance of your most recent campaigns from within that segment
  • See top used features, most active users, and most active accounts
  • Visualize overall activity trends and feature usage

Brand new Feature Detail page

UserIQ’s new feature detail page lets you drill down into each of your tagged features to see more data on engagement over time and usage by account or user.

Within the new feature detail page, we’ve released our most exciting feature to date: Predictive Feature Usage! Connecting the dots of where your customers have been and where they are going has never been easier. Here’s what makes predictive feature usage so awesome:

  • Predictive feature usage gives users a view of the correlations between the usage of your various features. This view provides insight into how your product’s features connect to drive and measure successful adoption.
  • It also offers the data you need to encourage user engagement with the features you know drive success. When you know which features make your users most successful, you can connect the dots on your customer journey and deliver engagements that guide usage.
  • Not to mention that this correlative view opens the narrative of your customer’s journey and helps you plot points along that journey that you know make your customers successful. 

UserIQ Feature Detail Correlation View

Admin Panel refresh

We’ve smoothed the look and feel and extended the capabilities of the UserIQ admin panel to ensure an easier transition between working in our app and yours. Now, you can perform more actions from the admin panel without needing to switch tabs back to the UserIQ application. This helps you stay in the zone as you tag new features and build tours, launchers, and tooltips. In the new admin panel, you can:

  • Set campaigns status to live, preview, or paused
  • Edit your tour and tooltip content inline
  • View edit history and notes logs
  • Submit a ticket or provide feedback to UserIQ

Want to see all of these features and more in action? Schedule a demo!

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