Introducing the Customer Onboarding Grader

By November 26, 2018Blog

In our 2018 SaaS User Adoption & Onboarding Benchmarking Report, we discovered that improving customer onboarding is a top priority for 70% of B2B SaaS companies and 26% intend to develop a more self-service/high-tech onboarding model this year to help them scale. That’s because, according to David Skok, poor onboarding is one of the top two reasons customers churn. In an age where users and buyers are more blended then ever and customers can churn with the click of a button, it’s critical SaaS organizations drive adoption through proper onboarding.

So how scalable is your customer onboarding? To help answer this question, we’ve created the customer onboarding grader.

How does it work?

This interactive tool is a 5-minute quiz made up of 14 questions to determine the scalability of customer onboarding in your SaaS organization. The questions determine scalability based on three core areas of customer onboarding: user engagement, team alignment, and measurement. Based on your answers, an overall score is calculated from low scalability to high scalability. To learn more about your results in greater detail and get tips and best practices from us on any areas you may want to improve, you’ll also receive an individual score in each of the three core areas.

What can I take away from the grader?

In this 5-minute quiz, you’ll learn:

  • How scalable your customer onboarding process is based on 3 core areas
  • Where the strengths and weaknesses lie in your company’s onboarding strategy
  • Tips and best practices to improve your onboarding scalability

Want to find out how scalable your onboarding process is today? Take the customer onboarding grader.


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