Introducing new Feature Usage by Account chart and more

UserIQ’s 3.3 release has a few new features that we’re excited to share with you. Take a look at what’s new in UserIQ:

  • New ability to toggle HealthIQ on the homepage between Days, Weeks, and Months offers more detailed data reports at a glance
  • Enhanced UI for Feature Usage by Account bar chart now has the option for choosing custom date ranges
  • Addition of new Feature Usage by Account bubble chart (also with custom date ranges)
    Alongside your normal Feature Usage by Account bar chart is a new bubble chart view. The bubble chart offers a more flexible view and helps with ad-hoc analysis to answer questions about the use of product features across specific sets of accounts. This feature-first analysis can compare the power users of top features across accounts to show where there may be gaps. For instance, if you notice the use of a certain feature is correlated with better NPS score, you’ll want to see which accounts or users aren’t taking advantage of that feature so you can develop an engagement campaign to lead them to it.
    You can also add Starred Feature metrics to both of your account usage charts so you can easily keep track of your most valuable features. To check out this new feature in the UserIQ app, click on your Intelligence tab, select All Accounts, and you’ll now see a new Feature Usage by Account button in the top right.

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