Introducing Journey Paths

By November 14, 2018Product Updates

Our goal at UserIQ is to guide users to success in every moment. But to guide your users where they need to be, you have to understand where they are now and how they got there.

That’s why we’ve built journey paths. Whether you’re responsible for onboarding new users, building new features, or improving user experience, journey paths will help you understand how your users move through your application. This new feature is designed to answer one important question very well:

Starting from any page or feature in my app, where do users go next?

UserIQ Journey Paths Demo

Journey paths are an exciting addition to the powerful product usage analytics we already have, like visual feature tagging, feature usage trends, and feature correlation. It’s an effective tool to help you explore behavioral trends and discover key issues that may not be apparent from usage analytics or feedback surveys alone, like friction points in onboarding or poor user experiences that result in unnecessary, repetitive work.

Journey paths are great for both customer success and product management teams. Customer success teams can visualize journey paths for onboarding accounts and answer questions like:

  • Are users progressing through the app as expected or intended?
  • Are they finding and using the key features that drive value in my application?
  • Are trial customers successfully moving through the product or are they bailing before they reach important milestones?
  • How do my most successful accounts move through the product vs. my accounts that are at risk?

For product management teams, you’ll be able to see journey paths at the feature level to explore user experience issues. Answer questions like:

  • Is there a pattern of repetitive page loads indicating an inefficient workflow?
  • Are there usage trends that suggest a confusing UI?
  • Are users progressing efficiently to the next step in a workflow? If not, what are they doing instead?
  • Are there friction points that lead to usage drop-off or feature abandonment?

You can also use your new knowledge of journey paths to create more effective guided tours and launchers that navigate users to the right features in the most efficient way.

We’re thrilled to bring our customers this new feature and continue to help them drive success and high-quality experiences for their users.

Want to see journey paths in action? Request a demo today.

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