How to Tailor Success to Your Customers Needs

By August 11, 2016Blog

Tailoring is the process in which an ill-fitting garment is altered to better fit someone’s body. So what does tailoring have to do with customer success? An off-the-rack outfit won’t always match your customer’s body. Similarly, a boilerplate customer success plan won’t always match your customer’s needs. Sure, customers might settle for a “good-enough” solution, like a passable suit or a software service that works. But, how long will it be before they move on and find a solution that better fits their needs? A blanket approach will eventually lead to losing a customer to churn. So how do we fix that?

While you think about that, here are some examples of clothes before and after they’re tailored:


Do you notice the difference? Sure, the clothes are functionally identical in both pictures. The original might have been too wide, the sleeves might have been too long, or the shape was just too flat. These clothes will still give protection from the office air conditioner, but one definitely looks better than the other. It fits the wearer in way that is more comfortable. That’s because it’s been tailored to fit the individual’s needs. And the same ideas apply to your customers. If a customer’s workflow is relevant and tailored to their needs, they’ll find your services more useful, powerful, and they will be more knowledgeable. They’ll feel like an expert. And if a customer is empowered by the utility of your service, they’ll be happier, they’ll stay longer, and they’ll generate more revenue!

Customers will be happier when the in-app messages they see are relevant to their experience. When customers see a message that is not relevant to them, they can become annoyed or feel like they are being spammed. For example:

  • The power users don’t want to see the onboarding messages for the new customers; power users know how to use the software already.
  • New customers don’t want to see announcements for advanced features; new customers don’t know the basics yet.

But, when customization is used and the right messages are being seen by the right people at the right stage of their journey, the positive response can be enormous. A little customization can go a long way. Even something as simple as adding a name to a postcard can increase response rate by 303%.

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