Google’s Moments of Truth

By June 12, 2015Blog


Recently, Google released research around what they call Micro-Moments. This is in line with a concept they released back in 2011 about the Zero Moment of Truth. Essentially, what Google believes, and I’m not doing it justice, is that there are certain moments during the customer’s buying journey that really, really matter. And as a brand/company, you need to be in front of those consumers at exactly that time or you won’t win their business.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, great Adam, but what does that have to do with UserIQ? After all, in that research, Google is talking about advertising. Well, the fact is that Moments of Truth also matter after your users have decided to use your application. If you want your users to be highly engaged, rabid promoters (and I use the word promoters deliberately), there are certain moments during their journey that really, really matter.

And this is where UserIQ comes in. If you simply use email to communicate important information to your users, you’re not catching them during some of their most important “Moments of Truth” which often happen inside your application. A-ha, now you see the connection.

UserIQ gives you the ability to communicate with the right user at exactly the right time. In fact, by interacting inside their Saas or Web App, instead of via email, our customers have seen dramatically higher rates of engagement, including up to a 60% completion rate for NPS surveys.

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