Former CEO and Founder of Silverpop, Bill Nussey, Joins UserIQ Board of Directors

By April 19, 2017Blog

UserIQ is excited to announce the addition of Bill Nussey to our board of directors. Bill has more than 30 years of experience running VC-backed software and IT companies with multiple exits and IPOs. Most recently, as CEO of Silverpop he guided the digital marketing software company to focus on helping marketers transform the customer experience. Silverpop had more than 500 employees and nearly $100M in revenue when it was acquired by IBM in 2014.

Bill has held roles as a venture capitalist, served on many boards, written two books and holds several patents. He is currently working on a series of projects to help accelerate the impact of next generation renewable energy solutions.  

We sat down with Bill to get his thoughts on the future of the customer success industry and why he decided to work with UserIQ.

Q: You’ve been a key thought leader in the marketing automation space, what are the parallels between that and the customer success industry?

A: Digital technology first started reshaping the relationship between customers and businesses with the rise of CRM almost 20 years ago. Digital marketing and, specifically, marketing automation was the next logical step. Marketing automation is very focused on driving sales transactions, largely for the benefit of a vendor’s sales and marketing teams. The most advanced systems, like those of my company Silverpop (acquired by IBM in 2014), allowed sales and marketing users to map out personalized journeys for each potential buyer creating the best possible buying experience.

Even though it’s a different industry, customer success is the next logical evolution in this trend. It is said that it costs five times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep a customer you have. Customer success builds on this simple truth by focusing primarily on the end customer, not the vendor’s marketing department. In the long run, I believe CRM, marketing automation and customer success will all co-exist but it’s exciting to see this latest evolution and the tremendous benefit that it promises the ultimate user, your customer’s customer.

Q: You’re very busy preparing to launch your new energy company, The Freeing Energy Project, so why did you decide to join the board of UserIQ?

A: I believe Customer Success is a brand new industry and that UserIQ is one of the earliest players to put a stake in the ground. As an early visionary, UserIQ has the chance to not only build a great business by offering great functionality to its customers, it has a genuine opportunity to become the de facto platform for a wide ecosystem of customer success solutions. Much like early CRM vendors, and like early marketing automation vendors, the successful early customer success vendors can grow very large and create the unique levels of success only available to first movers.

Q: Over the summer, you wrote a book for your sons called ‘Nussey Principles’’ based on your life experiences. What rule from the book comes to mind when you look at UserIQ now and what’s ahead?

A: There are 34 principles in my book but I think Principle #20 applies most closely: Surround Yourself with the Best People You Can Find. From what I can see UserIQ has an amazing team, especially for such a young company and I am very excited to be a small part of a team like this.

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