Are They Using What You Built?

In the quest to create valuable products that empower your users and provide a frictionless experience for ultimate time-to-value, leveraging product data helps ensure each feature is useful, practical, and available to those who need it.

UserIQ’s user intelligence, segmentation, messaging and feedback features give product managers the tools they need to be more proactive in driving product adoption.

UserIQ shows you which users are active inside your application, how they are engaging and when, so you can make informed product decisions like the future of your roadmap and how to solve experience issues.

Understand User Behavior

Get visibility into feature usage and adoption metrics by user or account to uncover the impact of enhancement requests.

Engage Your Customers

Gather intelligence based on usage and behavioral data to understand how your customers use your product and improve UX.

Anticipate Future Needs

Determine the relationship between the features you build and their impact on your company’s bottom line.

"Thanks to UserIQ, Cox Automotive has been able to successfully onboard thousands of users, both internal and external, to our newest and most powerful features. In addition, by utilizing UserIQ's in-app guided tours and analytics, we know that the number of customers who use these features is also increasing."

Chuck KonfrstDirector of User Experience (UX) at Cox Automotive

Get Even More Value With UserIQ Integrations

Pull existing data into UserIQ and push new data back to Salesforce so you have a 360º view of each customer that’s always accurate.

Create custom event notifications when users perform a specific action, for fluctuating health and usage levels, on survey responses, and more.

UserIQ supports your Gainsight data with in-depth user intelligence and targeted engagements so you can guide each user to success.

Track support tickets within UserIQ and show how unresolved and high-severity tickets affect customer health.