Meet your customers where they are and engage when they need it most

With UserIQ’s Customer Growth Platform ™, you finally have the ability to understand what your customers are doing within your web application, what they’re missing, and how you can help.

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Feature Adoption
Endless Segmentation Possibilities
Correlate Behavior & Integration Data
Leverage Historical Data for Real-time Intelligence

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Guided Tours
NPS & Custom Surveys
Feature Callouts & Tooltips
Custom Styles

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Customer Health:

Account Health by Segment
Calculated at Client Account Level
Login Activity
Feature Usage
NPS Sentiment
Support Tickets
Financial Metrics

Customer intelligence you can use

Our Customer Health Dashboard lets you know exactly how engaged customers are at any point with your product’s features.

Use our Segmentation feature to put that valuable customer data to work. Identify users with specific needs or preferences then target them with informed messages you know will resonate.


UserIQ's Customer Health Dashboard
WANT TO DECREASE CUSTOMER CHURN? Monitor the health of your customers, spot potential problems and reach out with corrective measures before they disengage with your product.
CUSTOMERS NOT USING CRITICAL FEATURES? Identify and group together users of similar characteristics with Segmentation so you can create a customer engagement strategy specific to each customer.
CUSTOMERS UP FOR RENEWAL? Know when customers are approaching renewal with alerts inside UserIQ so you can address product challenges and highlight opportunities they may be missing.
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Creating a guided tour is easy

Whether you’re looking for a simpler way to onboard customers, train on new features, or to reinforce underutilized features, UserIQ reduces the need for time-consuming training sessions. Isn’t their time better spent using your product?


Turn sentiment into opportunity

By using our NPS feature, you can identify your promoters and team up with them as advocates to feed the top of your pipeline with new customers.



Improvement in MedRep’s response rate in just 10 days with our in-app surveys

UserIQ In-App Announcement

Engage when you have their attention

With our Announcements feature, communication is easier and more effective. Use it to remind customers of important events, notify them of new features, and moreall while they’re already working within your application. Increase the chances they’ll actually read what you want them to see.

Booker used our in-app messaging to quadruple training attendance and reduce customer churn. Learn How

UserIQ + Zendesk = Seamless Service

UserIQ + Zendesk = Seamless Service

Connect with Zendesk to track support tickets within UserIQ and show how unresolved and high-severity tickets affect health in the Customer Health Dashboard.

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UserIQ + Salesforce = Data Magic

UserIQ + Salesforce = Data Magic

Pull existing data into UserIQ and push new data back to Salesforce so you have a 360º view of each customer that’s always accurate.

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UserIQ + Gainsight = Supercharge

UserIQ supports your Gainsight data with in-depth user intelligence and targeted engagements so you can guide each user to success.

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