The Experts Tell All: How to Make Your Customers Successful

By September 29, 2016Blog

2016 is the Year of the Customer and companies are making great investments in technology to become more connected with their customers, so we reached out to respected B2B thought leaders in customer success and marketing roles to share some knowledge on how they make their customers successful to ensure continued growth. We asked each person one question: “What strategies do you employ to make sure your customers are successful?” Below, you’ll find some of their secrets to success.

Kreya Kadam, Sr. Manager Digital Marketing, LeanKit:

KreyaKadam_LeanKit.jpg“At LeanKit we offer a 30-day free trial, so it’s critical that we are able to show each trial user the value of our Lean project management tool during that time. This requires that we quickly capture their attention and guide them through our application’s most valuable features, while in tandem demonstrating how these features can be used within the user’s unique business context. Creating an onboarding tour that effectively introduces new users to our application has allowed us to move closer to achieving this goal.”


Adam Waid, Director, Customer Success, Salesforce Pardot:

adamwaid_pardota”When it comes to our customers, we’re not taking any chances. That’s why we’ve devoted the largest department in our company to client success and support. Pardot acts as a true partner for our customer’s marketing team, providing product training, implementation assistance, best-practice recommendations, and ongoing support. We call it the Pardot Promise: our pledge that our customers will always come first. While every customer is different, the core of the Pardot Promise remains the same: they will always be backed by the power of Salesforce; we will never compromise on their ease of use; and we are here to support our customers every step of the way.”

Josh Carlson, Director of Customer Success, SaaSOptics:

JoshCarlson_SaaSOptics.png“At SaaSOptics, we’ve developed a set of keys to customer success that drive every interaction we have with our customers. The one that delights our customers the most is the personal approach we take. During implementation, our implementation consultants listen closely to the unique needs of our customers and provide a carefully tailored experience. This ensures that onboarding happens quickly, and empowers the customer to use our application with confidence. Our support staff follows suit, and even strives to get to know our customers on a first-name basis. That personal approach ensures we’re honing in on the needs of our customers and makes their experience a pleasure. Tools like UserIQ and Totango are enabling us to assess the unique behavior and health of our customers, then reach out to them proactively with in-app messaging and internal task creation in order to drive that personal approach home.”

Malinda Wilkinson, CMO, Salesfusion:malindawilkinson_salesfusion

“We work with our customers to understand their needs and obsess over their happiness. From intuitive product design, to an always available solution, to extraordinary support, we base every decision we make on delivering an exceptional experience for our customers. We know that marketing success depends not just on technology, but also on expertise, processes and people. So we provide our clients a team of marketing experts who are eager to collaborate to achieve goals and act as extension of their team.”

Kyle Cochran, VP Operations, QASymphony:

KyleCochran_QASymphony.jpg“Everything we do at QASymphony is with the customer at the center. From the people we hire, to our mission and core values. We hire the best and brightest people who are extraordinarily focused on customer success and building innovative products. We know that by hiring great people for our customers to work with, our customers are more likely to achieve their goals. At QASymphony, we have a team dedicated to helping our customers achieve success. This team is responsible for onboarding, installation, training, account reviews, satisfaction, overall customer happiness and more. We’ve found the key to making our customers successful is to understand their key initiatives or goals.”

Cindy Carson, Customer Success Director, UserIQ:

Polar Notion's Start Up Picture Day”At UserIQ we know that the most successful customers are the ones that start off on the right foot. We tailor our onboarding process and make sure each customer is set up for success from the beginning. Each customer’s use case is analyzed by our CS team first so we fully understand how UserIQ can be most effective for the customer. We then provide easily digestible segmented training that highlights the simplest/fastest way the customer can accomplish a win with regards to their use case.”

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