Introducing New Event Notifications

By September 19, 2017Product Updates

If one of your customer accounts or users had no login activity to your web application or if they opened 3 high severity support tickets within a month, you would want to be notified, right? Of course, any Customer Success Manager would want to know!

UserIQ now has Event Notifications which delivers alerts through email or our new Slack integration (and soon, we’ll support webhooks as well) to let you know when critical events happen in the lifecycle of an account or an individual user. You could use it for alerts like when a renewal date is approaching or if your composite NPS score drops below a certain threshold.

With UserIQ’s Slack integration, you will receive notifications in a place you’re sure to see them so that you never miss an opportunity to be proactive during a critical milestone for any customer. Now important events won’t slip through the cracks.  

The events for Event Notifications are vast, but here are a few examples you may want to keep track of:

  • If an account performs a specific activity or has a drop in activity
  • If an account responded to NPS survey
  • If an account has no logins at all within a month period
  • If an account has no new users within a month period
  • If an account’s renewal date is 30 days out
  • Coming Soon: If an account has Zendesk ticket activity (# of tickets open or # tickets in the last X days)
  • Coming Soon: If an account is entering or exiting a segment

Read about how TechSmith is using the Slack integration to be more proactive within their own customer success team.

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