Introducing email powered by SmartSync & SmartSend and new micro-feedback campaigns

UserIQ’s mission is to help our customers guide their users to success in every moment, and we’ve just released two new features that will help you do just that: Email, powered by SmartSend & SmartSync, and micro-feedback, a new campaign type for gathering feature-specific feedback. These two new features help our customers foster success by driving user adoption and reaching customers wherever they are.  

Why email?

UserIQ was developed to be an in-app engagement platform for SaaS businesses that want to reach their users when they are most engaged: inside the product. Now, we’re releasing email campaigns, which exist outside the in-app experience. Why?

The reality for most SaaS companies is that not every user will be successful every time in your product. Some users will stop logging in, will miss the value of your product, or will otherwise slip away. Even the best in-app campaigns won’t be able to reach those disengaged users. That’s where UserIQ’s new email capability comes in: reaching users when you can’t reach them in the app.

email campaign user enagement

Powering email with SmartSync & SmartSend

Not only are we releasing email campaigns; we’re powering them with data. We’ll be teaming up with Mailchimp as our first email integration partner, which will allow us to power the email lists you have today with the user behavior data collected in UserIQ. There will be more to come on this and other integrations later this quarter, so stay tuned, but here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come.

With UserIQ’s new first-in-class SmartSync capability, you’ll be able to sync the email lists you’ve built in your favorite automation platform with the sophisticated segments you’ve built in UserIQ so your send lists are always accurate. Then use SmartSend to trigger an email when a user leaves or enters a new segment in UserIQ.  

These two capabilities are powerful for cases like:

Nurturing users in trial or onboarding phases:

Develop milestone-based drip campaigns rather than time-based drip campaigns.

  • Users don’t always hit the milestones you set for them in the timeframe you expect. Especially during onboarding, some users may move faster or slower than planned.
  • With SmartSync & SmartSend, you can send welcome emails, high-fives, trial expiration emails, and more all triggered by the specific events that take place in your customer’s journey, like logging in for the first time or successfully setting up an integration.
  • This helps you continue engaging users who may not be fully up and running in your platform yet and keep the positive momentum going as users experience your product for the first time.

Being proactive against potential churn:

Reach users who have disengaged or stopped logging into your platform

  • We’re always looking for ways to help our customers get ahead of churn and take proactive steps to prevent it. There are a few leading indicators, like feature usage, adoption, and active user percentage, that we track within UserIQ.
  • To help stay ahead of churn, you can build segments in UserIQ that track users with positive and negative usage, adoption, and active users that map to your email lists with SmartSync. Then, trigger SmartSend emails when entering or leaving those segments.

Capitalizing on upsell opportunities:

Deliver logical expansion opportunities to the right user at the right time

  • Most of us in SaaS know that driving new revenue from current customers is one of the best growth engines for our business. With SmartSync, use segments like “percent of active seats” or “percent to total usage,” to send emails that let customers know they are close to hitting seat or usage limits and may be ready for an upgrade.
  • You may also want to contact users with or without specific integrations to give them info about that integration or upsell them on integrations that may be valuable to them.

Driving advocacy from your best customers:

Target the right user with the right message at the right time

  • Create segments based on NPS responses to discern your promoters, passives, and detractors.
  • Use SmartSync & SmartSend to encourage those promoters to leave reviews, provide testimonials, or participate in case studies.
  • Also create segments that help you see your detractors and, with SmartSend, email them to learn more about their scores, find out where they may be struggling and how you can help.

Why micro-feedback?

Sometimes, you just need a temperature check on a certain feature or area within your platform without having to launch a bulky NPS or custom survey that won’t be able to get as specific as you need.

micro-feedback user engagement

Gathering and analyzing feature-specific feedback is an important process for data-driven product roadmapping, gauging user sentiment, and driving user adoption and success.

It’s also important for users. Being able to provide feedback in the moment lets the user know that you care about and are working to improve their product experience. This is a function users are becoming familiar with in the consumer space and, as we see trends there mimicked on the business side, it’s critical to show a throughline across the software our users love.

We’re thrilled to be the first to market to deliver these powerful new features to our users and we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on them. If you’re already a customer, keep an eye out for these updates. If you’re not already working with UserIQ, request a demo to see these features for yourself.

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