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UserIQ equips organizations with the customer insights, product intelligence, and user engagement tools they need to consistently deliver the value your customers deserve across both web and mobile.


Our customers are able to reduce churn, achieve desired outcomes, and successfully engage customers all in one platform. Request a demo with one of our product experts to see how UserIQ will:

  • Identify your users’ challenges and desired outcomes to unlock a path for success
  • Capture customer feedback and success metrics including NPS, feature feedback, customer health, and more
  • Communicate more effectively with users and build long-lasting relationships
  • Drive alignment across your entire organization

Schedule your UserIQ demo today and see how we’ll become a key partner in your success.

“We signed up for a demo of UserIQ and were blown away by what it could do both behind the scenes and as far as in-app engagements go. We researched several other Customer Success Management platforms but constantly found ourselves coming back to UserIQ.”

— Megan C., Customer Success Manager at TechSmith

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