December Product Webinar: A Recap

By December 14, 2016Blog

In this month’s product webinar, Aaron and Cindy discuss:

  • 2017 Goal Setting
  • Demo Track A Goal
  • Highlight New Features

2017 Goal Setting

2017 goals for most customer success teams include developing more proactive processes so they can scale more effectively and continue to drive value at each stage of the customer journey. This will also help them establish a lasting seat at the leadership table.

UserIQ has dubbed 2017 as the “Year of Customer Growth” with 73% of companies planning on growing Customer Success teams next year.

The starting point for goal setting includes measuring the current state of CS within your company, determining areas of improvement, and aligning priorities with company goals.

Aaron defines success at UserIQ in 2017 as scaling sales, becoming a trusted advisor within our space, and ensuring a solid platform as we scale. For Cindy and the customer success team, this translate to flawless onboarding, minimizing churn, and increasing client advocacy. Her plan is to more narrowly focus on goals that support that customer journey by enacting more strategic and proactive initiatives.

Demo Track A Goal

This month’s product webinar includes a step by step demo of UserIQ’s ‘Track A Goal’ feature. This feature allows you track performance of a goal over time through KPI’s like conversion rate, impressions, and more.

Highlight New Features

Tooltips – Allows you to subtly draw attention to new features without being too invasive with a simple pulsar ping. This self service tool is slated for release later this month.

Email Campaigns – Allows you to re-engage with inactive users of different segments through email, rather than in-app messaging. UserIQ is planning on releasing this tool in January 2017.

If you missed the webinar, you can get the recording here. Ready to see how UserIQ can help you achieve your 2017 customer success goals? Schedule your personalized demo today.

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