Manheim® became a UserIQ customer when they needed to find a better way to ease their two key stakeholder groups—employees and customers—through a major system overhaul and new interface changes. Rather than solely using traditional channels like emails, conference calls, FAQS, and static help pages to accomplish this, UserIQ helps Manheim deploy targeted engagements like guided tours, tooltips, and more, within their applications. This gives them a variety of contextual help options to choose from and allows them to leverage the approach that will deliver the most value to each segment.

With UserIQ, Manheim is able to effectively communicate with key audiences to drive adoption of their new interface. Manheim’s targeted engagements have assisted more than 62,000 users and helped onboard thousands of employees to new systems in less than a year.

In one A/B test, Manheim discovered that users who complete a guided tour are 4x more likely to adopt new features introduced in the new interface. To date, they have deployed more than 70 guided tours with an average of 56% completion rate on internal tours.

Read the Manheim Case Study.

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