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CS + PM Alignment

In this video series, we take a deep dive into UserIQ’s 2019 CS + PM Alignment Benchmarking Report, based on a survey taken earlier this year by over 400 customer success and product leaders. We wanted to know — where do the gaps lie in team alignment today? What hurdles are teams facing, and how can we work to overcome those challenges? To help us dig into the key findings from the report, we’re talking to customer success and product leaders to get their unique perspectives.


“It’s really important to understand, what’s the goal? Why are we doing it, and what is our job in terms of achieving it? Discussing this in weekly meetings is critical, and gives you something to base your weekly or monthly metrics on.”

Ben Winn
Founder of CS in Focus

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“Product is becoming more customer facing, and it really should be. Product should always be in the loop on customer feedback. Having weekly or bi-weekly meetings really allows for transparency too!”

Cairo Amani
Co-Founder/Brand Manager of WICS-NY

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“If the customer success team can understand a customers sentiment and perspective, the product team can leverage that, and work towards creating and defining an ideal customer journey.”

Arash Marzban
VP of Product Management at StackPath

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“We want to make sure that we’re pushing features that customers actually want. When there’s alignment with product, we can really push that customer-centric ideal and story.”

Jennifer Chiang
Director of Customer Success at Yup

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“It’s great when customer success has data, but sharing that with product isn’t enough. Get product involved customer conversations early on, as it’s easier to get buy-in and customer feedback.”

Ben Alexander
VP of Product at

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