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UserIQ customer health dashboard

The Reimagined Customer Health Dashboard from UserIQ

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How familiar do these customer success scenarios sound? Your quarterly renewal forecasts have been more art than science — you simply need more accuracy. Or, you want to understand why…

Churn indicators

Keep Your Eye on These Customer Churn Indicators

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  Among the “certain” things in life: Death. Taxes. Churn. The latter of this group costs U.S. businesses an estimated $136 billion a year. But what if, as customer success professionals, we…

CSM Rachel Parks

Knowing What Makes People ‘Tick’ Key for CSM Rachel Parks

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For new UserIQ CSM Rachel Parks, her “meta” role as a CSM helping other CSMs with CSM software makes things easier. And harder. “They know my pain points,” Parks says….

Customer Success careers

Customer Success Manager Today, Next Stop TBD

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Did you know that “customer success specialist” is the sixth fastest-growing job title in the United States? According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, customer success roles — like a…