Customer Success Spotlight: RealTracs

In this Customer Success Spotlight, UserIQ talked to our valued customer, Nate Ragan. Nate is a Product Director at RealTracs, which is a real estate MLS (multiple listing service) based in Tennessee. In Nate’s role, he is responsible for planning and prioritizing product enhancements, along with educating and communicating with customers about those platform changes. We spoke with Nate to understand some of the ways that the UserIQ platform has benefitted the RealTracs business ever since the company became a UserIQ customer back in early 2018.

What do RealTracs and its online platform do?

Ragan: RealTracs is a real estate MLS, so we probably are a little bit different from the typical SaaS business. Our whole purpose is ensuring that there’s both competition and cooperation in the real estate market by making the latest information available and accessible. There is a public-facing piece of the RealTracs platform, which lets anyone search for active real estate listings. Additionally, we have the subscription-based version of RealTracs, which lets agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals create and share listings, run reports, and just transact their business.

What led your team to look into a platform like UserIQ?

Ragan: Ensuring that we train our customers well is a big priority for us. Before UserIQ, it required tons of time to launch in-app engagements—like announcements, tours, and messages—to our users, and generally it was a fractured and fragmented process. If we planned to release a new feature, we’d work with our small team of developers to communicate the change to users and formally roll it out within our platform. It was very time-consuming, and it kept our developers from working on future updates to the application.

How has UserIQ made RealTracs better?

Ragan: Having the ability to deploy guided tours, announcements, and tooltips all without touching any code is a huge win for us.

An example of an announcement within the RealTracs application.

We also have about six different user personas, so with UserIQ, we have been able to create tailored segments and target specific messages at those different users. For example, some agents we have using our platform are based in rural areas and more focused on selling farmland. Another example of one of our user personas would be an agent who is closer to Nashville, focusing on selling townhomes or commercial real estate. With UserIQ, we’re able to uniquely target each different persona so that our communications resonate with each user.

You talked earlier about the importance of customer education and making information accessible to users. How has UserIQ helped RealTracs with that effort?

Ragan: UserIQ has helped a lot with customer education. With each new iteration of the RealTracs platform, we’re able to populate an in-app announcement that details what’s new and different about that release. And, with UserIQ’s Launcher feature, our “What’s New” messages and documents are easily accessible to customers. There may be users who don’t login as frequently to the app, so it’s nice for them to be able to login and check out the Launcher to see what updates have been made.

How RealTracs uses Launcher to give users access to their “What’s New” release notes.

Additionally, RealTracs hosts in-person classes and trainings at our office here in Brentwood, and the instructors for those classes will reference materials contained in the Launcher so that users can go in and check things out on their own time. It really makes the user experience that much better.

That’s great. Have you been able to collect much user feedback to understand how some of these education initiatives and in-app communications have helped customers?

Ragan: Yes, definitely. Users really like and appreciate the effort we make to improve their knowledge and usability of the app. We’ve collected a lot of customer feedback since we began working with UserIQ, and that has helped improve our user communications and informed our product enhancements.

For example, one feature that our users take advantage of all the time is Auto Notify. With Auto Notify, if you’re looking for a house in a certain part of town or within a certain price range, your Realtor can set up a recurring search in RealTracs and the platform will email you the results of your desired search. After evaluating a lot of the customer feedback we’ve received within UserIQ, we’re now overhauling that entire system that supports the Auto Notify feature. With future product updates, there will be an improved feedback loop where clients can like, dislike, or leave feedback about certain listings. Containing all of this feedback within the app—rather than having some feedback through email and some through text message—will be a great improvement to the product and will serve as a big help to users.

RealTracs has done a few NPS surveys too, right?

Ragan: Yes, we’ve taken advantage of UserIQ’s in-app NPS capabilities, as well. Because of the nature of our business, the traditional NPS question is a bit tricky for us, so we’re working on tweaking that campaign and continuing to interpret our NPS results as a measure of customer satisfaction. We’ve also incorporated those sentiment metrics into our customer health scoring, and our CHRs (Customer Happiness Reps) will reference health scores before hitting the road for in-person customer meetings to gauge where they are with respect to product usage and satisfaction.  

Wow. Well, it sounds like RealTracs has gotten their money’s worth from the UserIQ platform!  What’s next on the horizon for the RealTracs team and your product?

Ragan: One of our big initiatives for 2020 is a mobile version of the RealTracs platform. Our users are largely real estate agents, assistants, and brokers who are constantly on the road, so a mobile app would be huge for them. I know UserIQ has mobile intelligence and engagement capabilities that could really help us, so we’re really looking forward to that.

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