Customer Onboarding Journey Mapping Playbook

Customer onboarding is all about first impressions.

It’s not just about getting users “up and running.” It’s about driving the most relevant value quickly. This is your chance to teach new customers about your product and how it will help them achieve their business goals.

Your customer onboarding journey will, of course, vary depending on your product and the nature of your business. And maybe there isn’t one right way to do customer onboarding—but there are definitely a lot of wrong ways to do it.

In this workbook, we’ll not only share lessons learned from our own customer journey mapping process (with examples), but we’ll also walk you through:

  • How to uncover your customers’ goals
  • How to map your current customer journey
  • What it takes to define your ideal customer journey
  • How to select the right metrics for success
  • And more!

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