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Navigating stakeholders

How CSMs can Negotiate Access to Stakeholders

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After months of nurturing the perfect prospect — and weeks of onboarding them — your customer success team can finally relax … right?  You’ve connected with a user who understands…

UserIQ health score infographic

Eight Steps to Customer Health Score Success (Infographic)

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From overly complex health score criteria to a lack of subjective CSM sentiment, customer health score programs are often rife with issues. Want to predict customer churn more efficiently? Improve…

Health score

What Does an Amazing Customer Health Score Program Look Like?

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Like an underachieving student, sometimes your customer health score program doesn’t live up to its potential. It’s no secret most customer success professionals don’t trust their health score accuracy. The reasons…

renewal journey

Mapping the Renewal Journey for Higher Retention

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Don’t tell your sales team this, but getting a new customer is only half the battle. Often much less.  If you’re in customer success or on a product team, you…