Senior User Experience (UX) Designer

Job Description:

We are looking for a product designer to join the UserIQ team and help craft the future of our product portfolio. As a Sr. UX Designer you will be responsible for working directly with product managers and key stakeholders to develop and overhaul end-user experiences and create simple and functional interfaces.

Responsibilities in this role will span the entire development lifecycle, from wireframe and concept creation to final asset production and implementation. This position offers an exciting opportunity to design and deliver clean and intuitive user experiences to business users and consumers alike.


1. Collaborate with product managers and key stakeholders to design appealing, user-friendly and functional interfaces, and implement intuitive user experiences for software solutions, web and mobile apps Design from concept to completion all facets of the User Interface including: mockups, wireframes, flow charts, icons, and interactive mockups

2. Aid in the creation and maintenance of UI style guides and general art documentation to ensure product and branding consistency

3. Optimize UI for best performance and optimal footprint on desktop, web, and mobile devices Develop and maintain UI specifications and style guides.


– 4+ years of experience in interaction, product, or UX design.

– Proficiency with appropriate design tools: Sketch / Invision / Axshare / Zeplin / Abstract / Adobe Suite

– Experience driving design and user-experience for end-to-end projects

– Ability to define and translate business requirements into prototypes with optimal user experiences

– Ability to translate flow charts and wireframes into intuitive, usable, visually polished UI systems

– A strong understanding of UI conventions and challenges for mobile and other emerging platforms, including UI optimization for best performance and optimal footprint on mobile devices

– Ability to produce high quality work quickly, iterating toward the best solutions Excellent organizational and efficient time management skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills


Leads the work.

Able to lead and oversee other designers.

Identifies and effectively frames customer problems and opportunities.

Leads the design of large projects from opportunity to implementation, making use of customer insight and product data.

Develops working relationships with colleagues from across the business, and actively looks to mentor others.

Product Thinking

Can clearly explain how their team’s objectives relate to the company vision, and can talk fluently about how their design work directly contributes to both.

Is proficient in identifying problems and opportunities, and is an expert in framing them in a way that guides their team to delivering impactful work.

Leads the vision for their team alongside their product and engineering counterparts, and shapes their team’s roadmap and goals.

UX Design

Demonstrates an understanding of the right kind of research for the project, and can clearly explain how it’s influenced their design.

Demonstrates fluency in sketching, wireframing, interaction design, and IA.

Has a strong point of view of when to use which tool, and is an advocate for new methodologies when appropriate.

Consistently pushes the team to design with users needs front of mind, and thinks in terms of a holistic user experience, taking into account different platforms and devices.

Demonstrates fluency in designing for different states and edge cases.

Is proficient in writing clear, concise copy for their designs, helping teach others how to do so.

Visual Design

Fluent in design fundamentals including: layout, visual hierarchy, colour, typography, and iconography.

Demonstrates mastery in using the UserIQ Craft style guide, contributing thoughtful additions, overseeing quality, and maintaining it to ensure it’s useful and consistent for the team.

Mastery of a range of relevant tools including Sketch, Axure, and Zeplin.

Proficient in working with the UserIQ brand, helping others push the way we apply it to the product.

Data | Research | Testing

Begins every project by partnering with User Research to define what qualitative and quantitative data will be important.

Works directly with them throughout the design and development process, making changes to the product based on their analysis and recommendations.

Is fluent in taking the findings and learnings from research and testing, and translating it into clear, actionable next steps for their team.

Demonstrates an understanding of the importance of, and proficiency in, sharing project learnings with the wider company.


Balances existing visual and UX patterns with platform-specific patterns to ensure a consistent, intuitive experience.

Identifies and flags instances where existing patterns break down in their own work, as well as work done by other designers on that platform.

When diverging from established patterns, identifies, documents and socializes new patterns amongst the design team.

About UserIQ

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, UserIQ was founded in 2014 to help SaaS companies deliver what each of their users needs to be successful in every moment. As a result, you’ll scale onboarding, improve feature adoption, accelerate time-to-value, and ultimately drive more revenue throughout the customer journey.

In 2017, G2 Crowd recognized UserIQ as the Customer Success solution with the Highest User Adoption and as a top product in Atlanta’s B2B tech industry. For more information on UserIQ, visit and follow us on Twitter @UserIQ.