DevOps Engineer

As a devops engineer at UserIQ, you will be helping scale our analytics backend that handles millions of transactions daily. All of our data has users in mind so retrieving analytic analysis quickly and without interrupting other services is of paramount importance. Our event pipeline utilizes many new technologies which include Apache Kafka, Cassandra, Redis, distributed Postgres, Apache Spark, and others. These systems all have different loads which require a delicate balancing between software and hardware performance. You have an opportunity to shape what our infrastructure will look like in the coming years as we continue to scale to larger and larger transaction volumes.

Purpose for this role

We’re looking for a self-starter who can take a set of requirements and prototype, test, profile, and iterate on ideas efficiently. You are a team player and are comfortable asking questions and collaborating on ideas, but also like to work autonomously on provided tasks or requirements and see it through to the end. You are also passionate about delivering on a provided deadline. As a DevOps engineer, we are looking for you to continue building upon our development and deployment automation processes and improve our build chains.

Requirements, Skills, Traits & Competencies

  • BS in Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics
  • Proficient in shell scripting (preferrable bash) and excellent system, software, and network troubleshooting skills.
  • Fluent in a scripting language such as Python, Ruby, or backend Javascript
  • Strong technical knowledge of cloud-based systems (AWS experience preferred)
  • Strong technical knowledge of distributed systems
  • 3+ yrs of industry experience
  • Self-starting, motivated, and determined individual
  • Ability to use all available resources (books, StackOverflow, google, etc.) to identify and test solutions to problems you haven’t seen before

Key Responsibilities

  • Improve dev and ops workflows through automation and scripting.
  • Design, prototype and provision cloud infrastructure based on requirements provided based on our current application load.
  • Architect cloud infrastructure to support cost-efficient, highly available, and self-recovering properties.
  • Work with development team to create CD/CI pipelines to streamline deployment to production apps and microservices via git workflows.
  • Research, prototype, implement, and keep current with current best-practices in cloud-based operations workflows throughout the industry.

About UserIQ

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, UserIQ was founded in 2014 to help SaaS companies deliver what each of their users needs to be successful in every moment. As a result, you’ll scale onboarding, improve feature adoption, accelerate time-to-value, and ultimately drive more revenue throughout the customer journey.

In 2017, G2 Crowd recognized UserIQ as the Customer Success solution with the Highest User Adoption and as a top product in Atlanta’s B2B tech industry. For more information on UserIQ, visit and follow us on Twitter @UserIQ.