Customer Success Insights You'll Actually Use

Don’t wait until your next leadership meeting to hear how your customers are doing. The UserIQ platform gives executives like you the dashboards and data you need to get a comprehensive snapshot of your customer base. With these powerful capabilities and executive insights, you can center your business strategy around customer needs.

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A Wealth of Information About Your Most Important AssetYour Customers

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Get a pulse on how your entire account base is doing through UserIQ’s easy-to-read customer success dashboards.

Leverage customer feedback to turn sentiment into effective churn reduction strategies.

NPS Surveys Customer Success

User intelligence features allow you to identify key executive insights and communicate customer trends with your board.

Drive a Customer-Centric Approach Throughout Your Organization

When you’re plugged into customer needs and behaviors, you can improve retention strategies and seek opportunities for growth and expansion.

Get to Know Your Customers
with Just a Few Clicks

Your customers represent the very foundation of your business. UserIQ’s intelligence capabilities provide insights into how customers benefit from your product, helping you refine business strategy and product-market fit.


Let Customer Feedback
Be Your Guide

Utilize information gathered from Voice of the Customer initiatives to advise your teams in making improvements for the future. Understanding changes and trends in customer feedback can go a long way to inform everything from customer success strategies, product direction, and sales initiatives.

Voice of the Customer

Get the Data
Without a Deep Dive

You don’t need a stack of detailed reports. You need key insights powered by actionable data. UserIQ’s customer health dashboard is your one stop shop for valuable information that will let you know how to center your business around customer success.

Customer Health

Before UserIQ, we were acting like firefighters, since we always were forced to be reactive. Now, instead of going after all our accounts at the same time, we’re able to prioritize what we do, who we target, and when we act.
Carl V.
Co-founder and VP, BIM One
We needed a way to analyze usage data, send in-app messages, and track customer health, and UserIQ had the full package of what we were looking for.
Andy S.
Chief Product Officer, Reveal Mobile
“UserIQ gives us access to the data we need to segment our customer database and build customer health dashboards to better understand our accounts. It’s a great tool for both our product and customer success team.”
Jeff J.
COO & Co-founder, Kenect

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