Discover untapped revenue in your own user base

UserIQ gives sales and marketing teams unparalleled access to customers after they’ve moved through the funnel. This behavior and sentiment data is the key to up-selling more effectively and turning successful users into active promoters.

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When you’ve got their attention, capitalize on it

UserIQ’s easy-to-use and customizable announcement tool lets sales and marketing teams recommend new product packages and test promotional messaging as often as they want in the one place where users are most likely to listen—the platform itself.

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Convey your value clearly to outpace your competition

With UserIQ, you can gauge the effectiveness of your communications and value propositions against customer health scores, user feedback and financial metrics. This ensures that you’re adapting to continually convert high-value leads, keep Customer Acquisition Costs low and prove your ROI over competitors.

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Want to learn more about these features?

Features for Understanding User Behaviors

  • See which features hold the most value, so you can prioritize them in your next pitch
  • Use sentiment data to see which customers are brand advocates
  • Leverage user intelligence to identify potential up-sell opportunities

Features for Engaging Customers

  • Unlimited announcements for testing messaging effectiveness and driving up-sells
  • Custom styles and branding to keep engagements on brand

Features for Anticipating Future Needs

  • Use user behavior to refine value propositions
  • Correlate messaging with financial metrics to report ROI
  • Get strategy-defining feedback via custom surveys
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