Don’t be the last to know where users are struggling

UserIQ shows you exactly who is logging in and how users are engaging in real-time, so you can understand Customer Success concerns first-hand and solve experience issues in a more proactive, more efficient way.

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Ensure your product is adopted and used as intended

With UserIQ’s easy-to-use, high-value engagement tools, product managers can quickly deploy in-app messages like tooltips and guided tours to ensure users find new features and adopt your product the way it was intended.

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Prioritize upgrades that will impact your bottom line

With UserIQ, product teams can gather customer feedback and usage reports for each feature to define areas of improvement, establish frictionless onboarding processes, and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in a more strategic and measurable way.

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Want to learn more about these features?

Features for Understanding User Behaviors

  • Review historical in-product behavior data
  • At-a-glance views of feature adoption
  • Limitless data segmentation & audience filters

Features for Engaging Customers

  • In-product feature callouts to highlight upgrades and evolving features
  • Customizable tooltips to smooth onboarding and user experience
  • Guided feature tours on demand

Features for Anticipating Future Needs

  • Reduce onboarding friction for shorter time-to-value
  • Actionable user feedback via custom surveys
  • Measurable ROI on support tickets solved
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