Are They Using What You Built?

In the quest to create valuable products that empower your users and provide a frictionless experience for ultimate time-to-value, leveraging customer usage data helps product management teams ensure each feature is useful, practical, and available to those who need it.

Deliver Value for Every Customer

UserIQ shows you which users are active inside your application, how they are engaging and when, so you can make informed decisions about the future of your product roadmap and how to optimize the product experience for your users.

Customer Success Software Refines User Flows

Build a data-driven product roadmap when you can track how features perform today and how to correlate that usage with a successful user experience.

Customer Success User Onboarding

Deploy guided product tours and tooltips to help users see the full value of the products you build, and collect feedback from users to improve over time.

NPS Surveys Customer Success

Collect feedback directly from your users on how to improve their experience, deliver new features, and build products that make them successful.

Make Customer Success Your Competitive Advantage

While your competitors are stuck merely reacting to customer churn, you’ll be one step ahead with UserIQ. Designed to refocus your efforts on a customer-centric approach, UserIQ’s integrated feature suite helps you drive a new mindset throughout your organization.

Monitor user experience and meet users where they are known to struggle

UserIQ shows you exactly who is logging in and how users are engaging in real-time, so you can understand Customer Success concerns first-hand and solve experience issues in a more proactive, more efficient way.

Product Usage Analytics

product management user experience
product management user adoption

Drive user adoption of new features & releases

With UserIQ’s user intelligence and engagement tools, product managers can quickly define user segments, view customer journey paths, and deploy in-app messages like tooltips and guided tours to ensure users adopt your product the way it was intended.

Guided Tours

Leverage customer feedback to help prioritize your product roadmap

With UserIQ, product teams can gather customer feedback and usage reports for each feature to define areas of improvement, establish frictionless onboarding processes, and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in a more strategic and measurable way.

User Engagement

product management customer feedback

Features We Think You'll Love

Features for User Analysis

  • Customer health scores to identify potential advocates or pinpoint adoption concerns
  • Feature usage & adoption data to identify high ROI features and the correlations between top features
  • Limitless data segmentation helps create targeted strategies for customer success
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Customer Onboarding Bus Icon

Features for Onboarding

  • Easy-to-create guided tours that can be segmented by user
  • Onboarding tutorial launcher for self-guided learning at any time
  • Tooltips and announcements for unintrusive feature callouts
  • Email capabilities to re-engage users who are slipping
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User Engagement Announcement Icon

Features for Engagement

  • Targeted in-app messaging makes high-tech engagement feel personal
  • NPS and custom surveys for quicker voice of the customer feedback
  • Micro-feedback for feature-specific sentiment
  • Faster issue resolution with targeted help
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Simple implementation, great features, fantastic support. The UserIQ team really goes out of its way to make sure we have everything we need so we can effectively enhance our digital experiences.
Chuck K.
Director of User Experience (UX), Cox Automotive
UserIQ has allowed Winmo/TheList to create guided tours and messages that ensure our customers are getting the most out of our platforms.
Rob T.
QA Engineer & Product Specialist, List Partners Inc
Before UserIQ we had zero visibility into what our clients were using from a product usage perspective and didn’t know what they liked most and what they didn’t. Now with UserIQ, we can see what customers are actually using so we can make better product roadmap decisions.
Adam C.
Director of Customer Success, Kenect
User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Create a User Experience That Keeps Customers Coming Back