One Platform for Customer Success

The one platform you need to do customer success right: engage, measure, teach, learn. Data-driven automations take care of the busy work so you can focus more time on scaling and building a better future for your customers.

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Make Customer Success Your Competitive Advantage

The right customer success software lets you be proactive about customer success by helping users develop an immediate connection with your product from the start. Get a step ahead with UserIQ—the platform designed to empower your team and drive a new customer-centric mindset throughout your organization.


Give users smoother, smarter experiences and help them build muscle memory quickly.

  • Create self-service onboarding tutorials, guides, and tooltips
  • Target users to showcase new features and products
  • Monitor feature adoption to inform future campaigns

Guided Tour Software

customer feedback on specific features
Guided Tour Software Announcement


Easily understand product usage, feature adoption, and user flows.

  • Identify common user journeys and reduce areas of friction
  • Plan product and strategy improvements with data to back your decisions
  • Assign alerts that notify your team of key customer milestones

Product Usage Analytics


Inform your customer strategy, product roadmap, and customer health scoring.

  • Choose from surveys, micro-feedback, ratings, and more
  • Incorporate the customer voice into data-driven customer health scores
  • Use customer data and feedback to identify customer needs

Voice of the Customer

customer journey churn risk
customer health scoring churn indicators


Backed by usage data to enable you to be more proactive and eliminate churn.

  • Identify and mitigate churn risk straight from our intuitive health dashboard
  • Prioritize your efforts on the customers who need it most
  • Explore customer health by segment or cohort for even deeper analysis

Customer Health Scoring

UserIQ is a versatile and robust product, with many features and ways to track key metrics, support onboarding, and summarize the customer data our teams need to see. It’s been very useful to both our product and customer success teams—but for different reasons. It feels like we have only scratched the surface of what this product can do.
Ethan G.
Product Manager, PAIRIN
UserIQ has given us tremendous insight into how our users interact with the platform. The ability to segment users by feature adoption has allowed us to create targeted campaigns via multiple channels to educate and support our users. In addition, the ability for us to know how engaged each user is with our platform allows us to be proactive in our user education.
Ray B.
General Manager, CollegePlannerPro
“UserIQ gives us access to the data we need to segment our customer database and build customer health dashboards to better understand our accounts. It’s a great tool for both our product and customer success team.”
Jeff J.
COO & Co-founder, Kenect
User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Create a User Experience That Keeps Customers Coming Back