Want to Onboard Customers More Effectively?

Customer success teams that deter churn may live to see another day, but those that drive adoption from day one enjoy better retention, advocacy and revenue opportunities in the long run. Stay proactive with the customer success software to onboard users the right way.

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Keep Customer Success Teams Proactive

The right customer success software lets you be proactive about customer success by helping users develop an immediate understanding of and connection with your product from the start. We help you do that in a data-driven, scalable and customizable way.

Customer Success Software Refines User Flows

Data on feature usage correlations and customer health can help you reorder onboarding steps to highlight sticky features first and maximize adoption momentum.

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Customer Success User Onboarding

Guided tour features allow you to create detailed, personalized onboarding tracks that guide your customers in a high-touch, yet scalable way.

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NPS Surveys Customer Success

Surveys, micro-feedback, and announcements let you assess and address points of friction proactively, so you can deliver a user experience that earns you compliments rather than complaints.

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Make User Adoption Your Competitive Advantage

While your competitors are stuck merely reacting to customer churn, you’ll be one step ahead with UserIQ. Designed to refocus your efforts on user adoption, UserIQ’s integrated feature suite helps you drive faster time-to-value, so you can create long-term advocates.

See Where Users Get Stuck
to Create a Smoother Experience

With UserIQ analytics, you can easily distinguish thriving customers and valuable user flows from groups and features that need your support. When this is clear, it’s easy to move struggling users toward a feature adoption strategy that gets them back on the path to advocacy.

Product Usage Analytics

Customer Success Product Usage Analytics
Guided Tours for Customer Success

Bring Users to Your
Most Valuable Features Faster

If a high-friction user journey is your ultimate barrier to customer success, UserIQ is here to smooth the experience. Our guided tour software makes it easy to create onboarding tutorials, guides, and tooltips. You can even target engagements with limitless audience filters.

Guided Tours

Make New Users Feel
Welcome and Remembered

Users want to feel like you’re listening to them and invested in their success from day one and beyond. UserIQ gives you tools to easily communicate new offerings or ask how users feel about your software in a scalable and meaningful way.

User Engagement Software

User Engagement for Customer Success

Features We Think You'll Love

Features for User Analysis

  • Customer health scores to identify potential advocates or pinpoint adoption concerns
  • Feature usage & adoption data to identify high ROI features and the correlations between top features
  • Limitless data segmentation helps create targeted strategies for customer success
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Features for Onboarding

  • Easy-to-create guided tours that can be segmented by user
  • Onboarding tutorial launcher for self-guided learning at any time
  • Tooltips and announcements for unintrusive feature callouts
  • Email capabilities to re-engage users who are slipping
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Features for Engagement

  • Targeted in-app messaging makes high-tech engagement feel personal
  • NPS and custom surveys for quicker voice of the customer feedback
  • Micro-feedback for feature-specific sentiment
  • Faster issue resolution with targeted help
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UserIQ is a versatile and robust product, with many features and ways to track key metrics, support onboarding, and summarize the customer data our teams need to see. It’s been very useful to both our product and customer success teams—but for different reasons. It feels like we have only scratched the surface of what this product can do.
Ethan G.
Product Manager, PAIRIN
UserIQ has given us tremendous insight into how our users interact with the platform. The ability to segment users by feature adoption has allowed us to create targeted campaigns via multiple channels to educate and support our users. In addition, the ability for us to know how engaged each user is with our platform allows us to be proactive in our user education.
Ray B.
General Manager, CollegePlannerPro
“UserIQ gives us access to the data we need to segment our customer database and build customer health dashboards to better understand our accounts. It’s a great tool for both our product and customer success team.”
Jeff J.
COO & Co-founder, Kenect
User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Create a User Experience That Keeps Customers Coming Back