Identify obstacles before they cause unnecessary customer churn

With UserIQ’s Customer Growth Platform™, you finally have the ability to understand what your customers are doing within your web application, what they’re missing, and how you can help, so churn becomes a thing of the past.

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WANT TO DECREASE CUSTOMER CHURN? Monitor the health of your customers, spot potential problems and reach out with corrective measures before they disengage with your product.
CUSTOMERS NOT USING CRITICAL FEATURES? Identify and group together users of similar characteristics with Segmentation so you can create a customer engagement strategy specific to each customer.
CUSTOMERS UP FOR RENEWAL? Know when customers are approaching renewal with alerts inside UserIQ so you can address product challenges and highlight opportunities they may be missing.

Get ahead of user needs so you can focus on their wants

Whether you’re looking for a simpler way to onboard new customers, train on new features, or gather customer feedback, UserIQ provides in-the-moment help with its guided tour, tooltip and survey features.

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Make advocacy the norm, so your team can look past churn

When your onboarding efforts, support tasks and user behavior data come easy, Customer Success teams can use customer health metrics and segmented revenue data to refocus their attention on building long-term value so today’s successful customers become tomorrow’s brand advocates.

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Want to learn more about these features?

Features for Understanding User Behaviors

  • Leverage churn indicators while you still have time to turn things around
  • Discuss customer needs & prevent user frustrations
  • Accelerate a customer’s move from adoption to advocacy

Features for Engaging Customers

  • Guided tours keep onboarding scalable without sacrificing quality
  • NPS & custom surveys deliver high-value feedback
  • Faster issue resolution through targeted help

Features for Anticipating Future Needs

  • Trusted customer health scoring helps project long-term value
  • Compare support and sentiment metrics to drive the customer journey
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