UserIQ Benefits Every Team in Every Moment of Adoption

80% of SaaS teams work in separate applications. UserIQ aligns them, giving customer success, product, and sales teams one source of truth and one suite of tools to understand, engage and guide users to success. The result is a smoother user experience at at every turn, greater adoption and less churn.

UserIQ Benefits Your User Adoption
Why UserIQ

User Adoption Starts With Your Team

To create an unparalleled user experience, you’ll need to fire on all cylinders. Put UserIQ’s features and benefits to work for your whole team to drive user adoption in a smooth, scalable way.

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Get all the data you need to proactively guide teams on driving user value and prioritizing user needs. We’re here to help.

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UserIQ Benefits Product Management

Leverage product usage analytics to make data-driven decisions and improve end-user adoption of your product and features. Smarter innovation, no wasted time.

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UserIQ Benefits Sales & Marketing

Drive value and engage users throughout the customer lifecycle, from trial conversions to upsells and advocacy with customer feedback and messaging tools.

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UserIQ Features & Benefits

UserIQ’s features and benefits are strategically aligned to give each team the tools and insights they need to create success in every moment of the user experience, starting with user adoption.

Customer Success
Product Management
Sales & Marketing
Understand Your Users
Customer Success

Gauge customer sentiment and behavior

Gauge user sentiment

  • Login, adoption & usage data
  • User & account level data
  • Leverage data in real-time
Product Management

Track the features users do and don't use

Track feature usage

  • Feature usage reports
  • Predictive feature adoption analytics
  • Integrated user feedback
Sales & Marketing

Identify your top advocates

Identify customer advocates

  • Feature adoption insights
  • Account and user-level sentiment data
  • Customer feedback surveys
Decrease Users' Time-to-Value
Customer Success

Improve and customize onboarding

Improve user onboarding

  • Guided onboarding tours
  • Surveys for VOC feedback
  • Faster resolution with targeted help
Product Management

Guide users to new features faster

Announce new features

  • Guided tours on demand
  • In-product feature callouts
  • Customizable tooltips
Sales & Marketing

Speak to customers where they'll listen most

Speak to customers in-app

  • Promote free trials
  • Drive trial conversions with unlimited email and in-app announcements
  • Custom styles and branding
Re-engage to Build Value
Customer Success

Propel the journey from adoption to advocacy

Accelerate user advocacy

  • Customer health scoring
  • Support and sentiment data
  • Proactive event notifications
Product Management

Maximize your product roadmap's lifetime value

Plan a high ROI roadmap

  • Gauge feature needs with VOC surveys
  • ROI on feature adoption
  • Target high ROI user needs
Sales & Marketing

Survey sentiments to improve your pitch

Improve your pitch

  • Survey loyal users to see where they find the most value
  • Identify best opportunities and ways to upsell

Our customers are change averse and we wanted to provide a solution that would help them understand what was changing with our platform and the benefits of what we were doing. UserIQ developed a creative solution to solve this problem and we'll be using their guided tour on our site. We expect a fairly easy transition thanks to the UserIQ team being creative and responsive to our needs.

Greg H.Sr. Product Manager, Manheim

UserIQ helps us communicate with customers, gather feedback, and promote new features. We are able to identify and message different customer segments within UserIQ, and we've seen significantly higher engagement with product campaigns, such as NPS Surveys and new product launches.

Cynthia A.Product Management, Brainshark

UserIQ goes above and beyond to make sure that they deliver what they promise for their customers. The support is outstanding and the features are extremely helpful—particularly for reviewing product usage and tracking churn.

Sherry S.Director of Academic Success, TrueLearn
User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Create a User Experience That Keeps Customers Coming Back