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Platform Features & Benefits

UserIQ features and benefits are strategically aligned to give each team access to the data, engagements and foresight they need to accelerate customer and platform growth.

Product ManagementCustomer SuccessSales & Marketing
Understand User BehaviorUnderstand the Actions Your Users Are Taking—And Not Taking

Understand User Activity

  • Feature usage & adoption reports
  • Identify UX friction points
  • Integrated user feedback


Monitor Customer Health Indicators to Chart a Course for Correction

Monitor Customer Health

  • Login activity, adoption & usage data
  • Detail at user and account level
  • Leverage historical data in real-time


Identify and Drive New Revenue Opportunities

Identify New Revenue

  • Feature adoption intelligence
  • Account and user-level sentiment data
  • NPS and customer surveys for VOC feedback


Engage Your CustomersGuide the User Experience to Decrease Their Time-to-Value

Decrease User’s Time-to-value

  • In-product feature callouts
  • Customizable tooltips
  • Guided tours on demand


Uncover Customer Needs & Prevent User Frustrations

Prevent User Frustrations

  • Guided onboarding tours
  • NPS & custom surveys for VOC feedback
  • Faster resolution with targeted help


Speak to Customers Where They’re Most Likely to Listen

Speak to Customers in Your Product

  • Unlimited announcements
  • Custom styles and branding
  • Engagements for cross-sell and upsell


Anticipate Future NeedsPlan a Data-driven Roadmap to Maximize Lifetime Value

Plan Your Product Roadmap

  • Reduce onboarding friction
  • Predict trial conversion
  • ROI on feature adoption


Accelerate a Customer’s Journey from Adoption to Advocacy

Accelerate Customer Advocacy

  • Trusted customer health scoring
  • Support and sentiment metrics
  • Proactive event notifications


Adapt your Value Proposition to Optimize Your ROI

Adapt Your Value Proposition

  • Refine value based on user behavior
  • Identify advocates & promoters
  • Gather strategy feedback via custom surveys


Get Even More Value with UserIQ Integrations

UserIQ + Zendesk = Seamless Service

UserIQ + Zendesk = Seamless Service

Connect with Zendesk to track support tickets within UserIQ and show how unresolved and high-severity tickets affect health in the Customer Health Dashboard.

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UserIQ + Salesforce = Data Magic

UserIQ + Salesforce = Data Magic

Pull existing data into UserIQ and push new data back to Salesforce so you have a 360º view of each customer that’s always accurate.

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UserIQ + Gainsight = Supercharge

UserIQ supports your Gainsight data with in-depth user intelligence and targeted engagements so you can guide each user to success.

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