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UserIQ is on a mission to make customer success an integral part of your business’s DNA. We are here to make customer success a business mindset—not just a function.

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Our Roots

Founded in 2014, UserIQ was built to help businesses realize the full potential of customer success. Our innovative platform gives customer success professionals the power to focus every team on enabling their customers to achieve their desired outcomes. It’s our mission to help those who use our platform anticipate needs and exceed user expectations.

Customer-first From the Start

UserIQ’s platform enables businesses—and their customers—to center on success. That means combining the intelligence to understand users with experiences that guide them, all in one seamless solution that can be shared across teams. Our customers effectively increase revenue, reduce churn, and drive business outcomes for themselves and for their users.

Making Waves

A graduate of the signature program at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech, UserIQ is no stranger to working hard and being agile. We push ourselves to build and refine our product, and help our customers’ businesses grow. G2 has consistently recognized UserIQ as a leader and high performer in customer success, as well as one of the top software products in Atlanta’s B2B tech industry.

Awards & Accolades

APPEALIE SaaS Software Award

Our Leadership Team

UserIQ CEO Tyler Winkler

Tyler Winkler

UserIQ - Aaron Aycock, Chief Product Officer

Aaron Aycock

UserIQ - Dan Bonnet, Chief Revenue Officer

Dan Bonnet
Chief Revenue Officer

Lawton Ursrey

Lawton Ursrey
VP, Customer Success & Growth

Chris Randall
VP, Engineering

Darrick Alford
VP, Finance & Accounting

Meg Champion
Director, Development Operations

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