In 2013, the CIO of a B2B travel technology company wanted to complete a simple task: Alert users of their new mobile app launch. This undertaking proved anything but simple. It was time-consuming, expensive, and cross-departmental–frustrating both the team and their users. The CIO recognized a problem and set out to solve it. In 2014, that CIO, our very own Aaron Aycock, founded UserIQ.

But UserIQ is more than just messaging and alerts. It is the first and only Customer Growth Platform™, empowering SaaS companies to foster growth beyond the funnel. From onboarding and retention to expansion and advocacy, UserIQ combines user intelligence with targeted engagements to deliver what each customer needs to be successful, wherever they are in their journey. And successful customers mean reduced churn, increased lifetime value, and fewer customer service calls.

Today, UserIQ is a Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) -awarded ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Company’ (2016) and is a part of the Signature program at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech, a startup technology business incubator for early-stage startups. As a SaaS company, UserIQ understands the goals, challenges, and victories of other SaaS companies, which is why we’ve built the Customer Growth Platform to help your customers stay longer, spend more, advocate on your behalf, and bring new leads into your funnel.

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Aaron Aycock

Chief Product Officer, Founder

Meet the team

At UserIQ we’re extremely proud of the team we’ve built and the work we do. We solve problems, make our customers successful, and expand our knowledge every day. And we have fun doing it. None of it could be possible without the talented individuals we call colleagues.

Rachel Orston


Aaron Aycock

Chief Product Officer, Founder

Nicole Wojno

Chief Marketing Officer

Sawyer Miller

Senior Sales Director

Cindy Carson

Customer Success Director

Chris Morgan

Director of Software Engineering

Lawton Ursrey

Customer Growth Architect

Ross McCurdy

Account Executive

Ashley Coleman

Director of Marketing Operations

Erika Childers

Content Marketing Coordinator

Bret Venuso

Customer Success Manager

Mike Marcinek

Front End Software Engineer

Lance Whatley

Backend Engineer

Cal Supik

Javascript Engineer

Zach Schorr

Sales Development Representative

Ashwin Nair

QA Analyst

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