Customer success is just the beginning.

Discover how users behave inside your application and deliver highly-targeted messages based on that behavior to foster growth beyond the traditional funnel.

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Neil Every month, UserIQ saves Plum days of onboarding clients on the phone. With guided tours & feature callouts, Plum personalized how we teach our users. Neil MacGregor, Co-founder,
KarynM In our first test with UserIQ, we set up a guided tour to show visitors how to sign up for job alerts. In just two weeks, we doubled the number of sign-ups. Karyn Mullins, GM, Medreps
Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Guide users through complicated processes.


Send messages like offers and announcements.


Collect NPS or rating surveys inside of your application.


Call attention to overlooked or new features.

Transform the way you engage with your customers
and guide each customer to success.

By combining user intelligence and targeted engagements, we help you deliver what each of your customers need to be successful at every moment so they will stay longer, spend more, and tell their friends.

In-App Guided Tours

  • Web and mobile
  • Onboard new users
  • Walk users through difficult tasks
  • Teach how to use new features
  • Create interactive tours for FAQ's
  • Reduce customer service calls by 80%

In-App Messages

  • Web and mobile
  • Deliver custom offers
  • Announce new features
  • Announce downtime/upgrades
  • Take users to important features
  • 8 to 10x more effective than email

In-App Surveys

  • Web and mobile
  • Rating survey for first user experience
  • Rating survey for new feature
  • Quarterly or annual NPS survey
  • Customer lifecycle NPS survey
  • Up to a 30% response rate

In-App Callouts

  • Web and mobile
  • Highlight new or unused features
  • Convert trial users
  • Highlight important metrics
  • Indicate missed entries
  • Reduce user confusion and errors

Tools to send the right message to the right user at the right time.


Track everything users do in your web and mobile applications. Deliver interactions based on behavior for highly relevant content.


Target users with segments based on behavior and persona. Tie psychographic/demographic data from your CRM like Salesforce.


Deploy interactions based on simple or complex rules. It’s marketing automation inside your application.

Limitless Design

Create interactions that look and feel native to your application. Your customers will never know it’s UserIQ.

Device Agnostic

Be customer centric, not device centric. Create coordinated campaigns that show up beautifully across devices.

Measurable Results

Analyze the impact of your interactions and make data-driven decisions to shape how users interact within your application.

No Custom Code

Create, automate and analyze in-app interactions with our simple visual editor.

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Bryce Jones, Collector Dash Implementing UserIQ has helped CollectorDash better understand our users and how they use our site. As a result, we have been able to successfully drive customers towards a broader adoption of many of our features by utilizing the on-site messaging and targeted engagement that UserIQ provides. Bryce Jones, President, CollectorDASH

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